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LawNewsIndex.com is a free resource and archive for the legal professional, human rights activist, student of law, legal journalist and any individual interested in law, justice, rights & legislation related news as reported through online journals, blogs and newspapers. This blog started on the 27th December 2011. Since that date all law news tweets from @TheLawMap Twitter account has been collated into daily law news. On average there are around 100 items of law, justice and human rights related news items per day.

The headlines and links to the publications hosting the news items are generally not intended to represent any political or legal bias, nor do they represent the views of LawNewsIndex.com, although, as there are more than one volunteer adding to the news database, some biases could not be ruled out. It is for our intelligent readers to make up their own minds.

All news items from the non-legal mainstream media do not state the source of publication, only the headline or a sub-edited headline. The reader  can see the source once the link is visited. This site is updated at least once per day. Please notify Sundaylawreview@gmail.com of any broken links, factual errors and omissions. Requests for inclusion of law related articles by individual authors or publication editors should also be made through the same email.

For a complete archive of Law News dating back to 27th January 2011, please visit -
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